S4C Vision

S4C envisions a world without fear and restrictions, where information flows freely  and where everybody is free to express their opinion.

S4C believes in the power of information to change people’s lives and help them raise their voices.

S4C trusts in a world where everyone, through its work, can participate in creating a new concept of communication  and in bringing people’s untold stories into the light.

S4C believes in the power of local engagement, which, combined with other local initiatives can gain global scope.

A World which everyone can contribute to improve.


Because the small stories are those that change the World.

By making of our photography an instrument that inspires creative volunteer work capable of imagining empowerment projects that will wave a true impact in the quality of life of our communities. We see ourselves as an organization capable of creating the necessary links to enable small changes that, when put together, will create the mosaic of a bigger one.

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