Help S4C

1. If you are a photographer and feel like sharing some spare time with us, join S4C and be part of our field projects around the World. We have many running and just as many (or more) in the pipeline;

2. You know small NGOs or other Associations  in need of publicity or photographic coverage and/or  you would simply like to highlight their potential to bring social change? Contact us and we’ll work TOGETHER to support them!

3. You already have a photo reportage, a single photo, a videoclip on social issues or an outstanding story? Feel like sharing it with the rest of the gang? We’ll be HAPPY to publish it here!

4. You would “simply”  like to donate to S4C and help us support our social activities? You can do so either by making a bank transfer to the  S4C account:

Bank account number: 15314

Bank: Banca Prossima (ABI 03359),  Milano’s branch (CAB 01600).
IBAN:  IT20Q0335901600100000015314

or online with PayPal:




If you have questions, complaints, or just feel like sharing your thoughts and comments with us… WRITE US:
Thank You for your help and support. It really means a lot to us!


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