If you want to tell a story quick, do it alone. If you want go in depth and engage communities, do it together.

This is crowdphotography.

We started alone and quickly the narrative became collective. Many People joined the collective storytelling and made it horizontal, democratic. A powerful tool to be – together – watchdogs and citizens fully aware of what goes on around us.

With crowd photography everybody can say WE shoot 4 change.


SLCG= Shoot Local, Change Global


That’s what we always say

S4C’s mission is to raise awareness and bring people’s attention to social issues.

S4C is an international network of volunteers working in the defense of human rights by reporting and telling forgotten, undeerstimated or ignored stories.

From the homeless around the corner to the U.N., S4C tells stories worth being told and shared.
Shared to inspire others to do the same, with the aim of igniting a positive loop that could eventually achieve social change.

We think that you do not have to cross the World to tell THE story that would eventually change it. Just go down the street, around the corner of where you live, open your eyes, take your camera and tell local stories!

Looking for local stories will have your eyes open and focused on what surrounds you and THAT will bring about the first real change: your own awareness. That’s where empathy  comes in and makes you a real s4c storyteller.

S4C pursues its mission remaining independent of political pressures.

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