About S4C

Shoot 4 Change is a nonprofit organization, founded by Antonio Amendola, made out of  (both pros and amateurs) photographers, designers, artists and other dreamers who share part of their time  for shooting  humanitarian reportages for NGOs and other social organizations.

It started as a blog around two mottos (“Change the World with a Click” and “Shoot Local, Change Global”) and a new word (“Crowdphotography”) and quickly turned into:

An Association

A Movement

A collective group of photographers worlwide

A new way of thinking social photography

A new kind of online Magazine

A HUB of best practices

A place where PRO pphotographers meet other PRO and develop TOGETHER joint projects (at national and international level)

A place where AMATEUR photographers can meet and grow their skills, interacting with other photographers around the World and exchange experiences

Well….it’s a little bit of everything….  YOU pick the one definition that better suits your interests.

S4C is a a prototype of a unique blend of creative visual communication, storytelling and social engagement.

We aim to raising awareness to those stories and social issues that are not considerate remunerative by mainstream media and therefore are often forgotten, underestimated or ignored.

We volunteer for free for those who cannot afford it, because there are stories that have to be told. We are available – free of charge –  to those subjects (individuals and associations) that do not have means to afford photo coverage of their work and cannot access mainstream communication, therefore remaining unknown.

At the same time, we at S4C acknowledge  the value of quality photography and the need to remunerate the efforts and the creativity of our volunteers and  members. No photo, reportage or other results of s4c projects are given free of charge to commercial entities (newspapers, magazines, publishers). In case of remuneration derived from selling single photos or entire reportages to commercial entities, the revenues are used to support social projects and to reimbourse the costs bore by the volunteers.

So, what to we do?

1. We connect stories and storytellers

2. we use social networks and new visual communication tools and app as weapons of mass storytelling to raise awareness on local social issues through the engagement of our community

3. we run our own storytelling photography and/or multimedia stories

4. we support other organization in enhancing their own storytelling. We all share the same World and the same vision and goal, right?

5. we run educational program – free of charge – for those who cannot afford it (refugees, homeless, disadvantaged people, etc.) because everybody should have a chance to learn how to express himself and unleash creativity for social change.

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